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We are delighted to welcome you and to share photos of our fascinating little dogs and to share our philosophy about the Mi-Ki.  We only have the original true coat type, that is of a hair, long, silky and non-shed.  Our Mi-Kis are pictured in the International Mi-Ki Registry show clip.  To view the Mi-Ki unclipped and looking like a little teddy bear, go to the puppy page.     IMR show clip

At Rainbow's End Kennel we are committed to producing quality Mi-Kis that follow the Original Official Mi-Ki Breed Standard.  They must be both physically and temperamentally sound with appropriate health exams done yearly  on C.E.R.F. (eye exam) and have the OFA exam to be certified at the age of 12 months.  Our adult dogs are registered with the International Mi-Ki Registry and we belong to the IMR Breeders' Alliance: the Gold Star Mi-Ki Breeders.  The IMR Gold Star Mi-Ki Breeders are working together to produce superior quality Mi-Kis".

Our top priority is to breed for Type, Good Health and Loving Temperament in all of our puppies and we offer a written health quarantee to our buyers.  We do not sell our puppies to pet shops, puppy mills, or any animal wholesaler.
Rainbow's End Mi-kis
The United Kennel Club, Inc. DNA Profile Logo is the Mark of  Excellence. 
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we have puppies born 6/28/09
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